Preston …. and beyond, the gateway to adventure!

Preston & beyond

Preston & beyond

Another day, another new upland project and another 5am start. I was quite taken by the thought of to ‘Preston & beyond[!]’, and the potential for adventures to be had ahead after my commute. I should have called my blog something similar in a cryptic fashion.

It is also pleasing to see that winter has arrived with some nice blasts of icy rain this morning. Not of course because I’m obsessed by the weather or anything 🙂


Rain, Rain, Bleak Hills and Tummy Pain

Nice Waterfall

A nice waterfall

Over the last couple of days I have been undertaking walkover survey in the Howgill Fells, Cumbria in advance of several proposed forestry plantations. All was well apart from the dubious post-sell-by-date pasty for lunch on the first day, and then the subsequent unhappy trudge through the pouring rain upon the bleak hills.

Archaeological sites were incredibly scarce and predominantly consisted of zig-zagging peat tracks and disparate sheepfolds.

This is what the majority of landscape survey is like, with lots of walking and stumbling and some grumbling.

Sheepfold, Howgill Fells

Sheepfold, on the Howgill Fells