Shiny things at Ribble Steam Railway

Black - Green - Blue -Turquoise - Blue - Green

Black – Green – Blue -Turquoise – Blue – Green

We took the little ones down to the Ribble Steam Railway based on the docks in Preston at the end of May. There was a steam day and a teddy bear’s picnic event going on over the weekend. We have lived relatively close to the railway for many years and I have seen the sign for it in passing but I never realised how extensive it was. The track is quite short, being only a fragmentary remnant of the dock-side railway at the now redeveloped Preston Docks. The exhibition building is massive though and you can also go around the dusty and rusty workshops too. As with most industrial heritage/archaeology museums there is a stark contrast between the bright and shiny things and the dilapidated and rusty things. Here are a few more images of the shiny/colourful things.