About me

Snowdon Summit

The summit of Snowdon on a nice day!

Hello there! I’m Peter Schofield, an archaeologist currently employed as a Project Officer by Oxford Archaeology, and working out of their northern office based in Lancaster. I specialise in the field of landscape archaeology and as you can see from the photo in mostly mountainous contexts. I hope to use this blog to highlight some of the places I have been and discoveries made over the years and to update the world with ongoing projects.

I have been slogging my way out in the wild since 2001, for the most part undertaking landscape archaeology projects in northern England and Wales (with a bit in Scotland).

Are you still awake? Not clicked off this page? Good! I shall continue 🙂

In all of that time, as with every other UK archaeologists, I have often been asked the questions ‘Have you found any treasure?’, closely followed by ‘Have you been on Time Team?’, and between gnashed teeth I can honestly say negative to both questions. That is because I look at lumps and bumps on the ground, rarely picking up my trowel in anger to ineffectually prod at the earth. I look for any surface evidence of past human activity that has left tangible archaeological monuments, settlements, field-systems, and in some instances whole landscapes behind. That is mostly not what Joe Public understand as ‘Treasure’ but with a bit of explanation about landscapes that often changes their perception and I get a ‘Wow that sounds like a really interesting job!’.

Hopefully this blog will enlighten people to what is happening out there in my corner of the world.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Pete, I came across your website which I am finding absolutely fascinating. I am currently doing a landscape archaeology project myself on the Quantock Hills in Somerset. The plans and drawings in your reports are really nice and very well done. I just wondered what software you use to create them (I you don’t mind telling me of course). I am fairly new to all of this! Best regards, Freya

    • Hi Freya, I’m glad that you are enjoying the blog, I really should add some more to it but I’m so busy at the moment. For your info the maps and plans are created in either AutoCAD or ArcGIS. Detailed topographic surveys are usually AutoCAD and the general landscape surveys and map regressions are in GIS. Please let me know how you are getting on with your project, or send me a link. Thanks Pete


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