Hi there and welcome to my, as yet, pretty empty blog. This is just a quick post to explain how the blog got started and where we go from here.

Snowdonia Ale please!

As an introduction I would say I have been slogging my way out in the wild since 2001, for the most part undertaking landscape archaeology projects in northern England and Wales (with a bit in Scotland) . In all of that time, as with every other archaeologists, I have often been asked the questions ‘Have you found any treasure?’, closely followed by ‘Have you been on Time Team?’, and between gnashed teeth I can honestly say negative to both questions. That is because I look at lumps and bumps on the ground, rarely picking up my trowel in anger to ineffectually prod at the earth. I look for any surface evidence of past human activity that has left tangible archaeological monuments, settlements, field-systems, and in some instances whole landscapes behind. That is mostly not what Joe Public understand as ‘Treasure’ but with a bit of explanation about landscapes that often changes their perception and I get a ‘Wow that sounds like a really interesting job!’.

Being an arch procrastinator, and not the greatest self-publicist I have shied away from letting people know the ins and outs of all the varied and interesting jobs I have done and am in the process of undertaking, as part of my job as a Project Officer working for Oxford Archaeology North. Hopefully this blog will enlighten people to what is happening out there in my corner of the world.


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