Hillforts of the Inner Tay Estuary

This was a project we undertook on behalf of the Tay Landscape Partnership, to survey a series of six hillforts located in the Inner Tay Estuary near Perth, Perth and Kinross. At Castle Law, Abernethy (SAM 2477; NO 182 153); Moncreiffe Hill (SAM 9438; NO 131 199); Moredun Top, Moncreiffe (SAM 9440; NO 136 200); Grassy Law, Deuchny Wood (SAM 6199; NO 152 236); Law Hill, Arnbathie (SAM 3089; NO 170 258) and Pole Hill, Evelick (SAM 3095; NO 199 257). The surveys were undertaken in May and September 2012. The aim of the project was to provide archaeological field surveys of the identified hillforts that will aid the development of an excavation strategy, planned to take part over the   delivery phase of the Tay Landscape Partnership (TLP) scheme.

The detailed topographic surveys present a thorough record of all the archaeological structures and components identified on each of the hillfort sites in the form of a series of detailed and annotated measured plans. In the case of the hillfort at Abernethy the survey also recorded the outlines of previous antiquarian excavations on the site

The hillforts are late-prehistoric/early-historic defended sites of significant archaeological importance, both in terms of buried archaeological deposits and as monuments within the wider landscape. Significant elements at the core of all six hillforts surveyed during the present phase of the project are statutorily protected as Scheduled Monuments of national importance.

Project team members: Peter Schofield, Anne Stewardson, Anna Hodgkinson and Murray Cook

Moredun Hilfort

Moredun Top Hillfort


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